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Dr. Joseph Tse is a Vancouver Registered Psychologist offering services in English and Chinese


We offer psychological services to help adults and mature teenagers on a variety of psychological concerns

When stress and anxiety become too intense, overwhelming, and prolonged, they become problematic for daily living. Psychotherapy offers effective treatments for those struggling with stress and anxiety.

Individuals that feel a long-lasting and intense sadness or depressive disorders can benefit from various evidence-based psychotherapy treatments.

After experiencing a traumatic event, individuals may develop long-lasting and persistent distressing symptoms that severely impact their ability to work, study, and/or relate to others.

Psychologists can assist people with chronic pain in understanding their unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours associated with pain, and help increase motivation to make improvements.

Psychotherapy may be necessary when grief is too intense and overwhelming and does not diminish with time.


About Dr. Joseph Tse


Registered Psychologist in Vancouver, BC


Speaks English, Cantonese, and Mandarin


Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology


Enjoys working with adults and
mature teenagers


Appreciates opportunities to work with clients with different ethnic backgrounds


Has strong interest in health psychology and mindfulness studies

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